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Constructing icons out of characters, which move together.

letter code examples
  Build pictogramms with the help of mnemonics!

The vocabulary of PicLig consists of characters, numbers and 112 PicLig-Symbols.

pic(ture) lig(ature)s

FF PicLig is a smart OpenType font that makes it possible to create symbols out of typed characters.
While OpenType's "discretionary ligatures" usually connect two or more characters to create a typographic ligature, FF PicLig uses this feature of the technology to combine several characters into an icon, a "picture ligature.

  The automatic substitution of certain character combinations allows the direct integration of icons into text, enabling users to communicate more expressively.  



The animation on top should convey the functionality of the font in applications which support OpenType's "discretionary ligatures" (e.g. Adobe CS - InDesign CS, Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS).


FF PicLig – Lesson 1

This booklet explains the basic principle of the font and teaches you how to create your first picture ligature, expressions and sentences using FF PicLig.

download pdf

Some character
combinations just merge together.

Some merge together and are turned.

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